Retirement Planning


For most people, planning for retirement comes too late. Our integrated tax and superannuation compliance and advisory approach allows us identify strategies which you can undertake now to effectively start planning for retirement at the earliest opportunity. You can start the planning process by considering:

  • Cash flow management, which could facilitate earlier mortgage extinguishment or free up cash flow to undertake further investment/s.
  • Salary sacrifice – this one of the most tax effective ways to accumulate retirement savings.
  • Negative gearing, including assessing the costs/benefits both inside and outside Super.
  • Transition of retirement pension strategies, in conjunction with a salary sacrifice arrangement.
  • Superannuation contribution strategies, involving the transfer of personally held assets to Super.
  • Developing a tax effective investment portfolio (i.e. direct shares, cash, real property) outside Super.
  • Maximising your benefits within a defined benefit schemes.
  • Tax effectively managing an inheritance.

Our preference is to give you scaled advice on specific areas that are relevant and applicable to you now, which will incrementally assist in maximising your assets and income over the long term. We are all about delivering clear and concise advice to you, rather than developing ‘financial plan documents’ which contain pages and pages of information which you will probably never have the time or inclination to read in a meaningful manner.

The application and relevance of some of the abovementioned strategies will depend on your circumstances and may change as you get closer to retirement.