Our Approach


Our approach is simple!

Step 1:

You can contact us by phone, email or via our website to schedule an Initial Review meeting.
We typically ask you to provide some preliminary details in preparation for our meeting.
This may help us to identify areas where immediate improvements can be made.

Step 2:

Following our initial meeting, if we have identified areas where we can assist, we will provide a letter setting out the terms of engagement, including our fees. If you are happy with the terms, we can get started with the Tax Compliance process, where we assist you with any tax return and accounting requirements. We can do this independently to the Planning stage. For most people however, this will feed in to the Planning process.

Step 3:

The Planning stage is where we look at strategy. We can provide advice on a range of matters – from Tax and Superannuation planning through to Estate Planning and Redundancy. While Tax Compliance should typically feed in to the Planning process, you can jump straight in to the Planning stage if you are seeking strategy advice on specific matters only. We don’t have to do your tax returns to give you strategy advice. We will agree to separate terms of engagement with you for this.